Saturday, June 27, 2009

Police Say Cause Of Death - Lyrical Version

Police say Michael Jackson's death could be suspicious, they are currently
looking for a smooth criminal, he could be black or white but he is
definitely bad & dangerous.
They got fingerprints off the wall & they say there was a man in the
mirror, so he has to be there. They would like to talk to billy jean but
they don't wanna be starting something.
Police say they wont stop till they get enough as they found
blood on the dancing floor, its going to be a tough case but they will beat it.
Police say its a real thriller.

On a more serious note. Cause of death of the Pop Star medically is
Cardiac Arrest, which means or in other words.
An abnormal heart rhythm that stops the heart from pumping blood
to the body . It can occur after a heart attack or be caused by
other heart problems.

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